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I am a Realtor and must depend on the advice from competent service vendors often in my business. Duane Elliott with Lighthouse Electrical & Maintenance has come to my rescue many times in the last several years. Duane has been accessible, precise and fair in his dealings with me and with my clients. I have used Duane's services at my personal home and have been very pleased with the work done.

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Knob & Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring is found in residential structures over 50 years of age. Knob and tube wiring is made up of a parallel black hot wire and a white neutral wire. The two wires are kept apart by insulating knobs and ceramic tubes. Knob and tube wiring poses a higher safety risk than modern wiring. Here are three facts on knob and tube wiring:

FACT 1: There is no ground wire (the third wire seen in a modern electrical system)

FACT 2: Due to their age, the wires are highly susceptible to wearing and exposure. This condition presents a safety hazard.

FACT 3: The unintentional contact of the hot and neutral wires may create an electrical fire danger.

WHAT TO DO: Call a licensed electrical contractor if you have concerns about the condition of your knob and tube electrical wiring in your home.

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